Individual Genealogy Record of William Young

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First nameWilliam
Last nameYoung
Birthabout 1534
Deathabout 1600 at 66 years old


UnionGrace Young (about 1540 - about 1600)
Marriageabout 1560
Child/Children William Young (12 January 1560 - about 1620)
Ciclye Young (21 December 1562 - about 1620)
Richard Young (about 1575 - about 1657)
John Young (about 1588 - about 1679)

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ChangeMarch 18 2013 at 479 years old

NotesThese could be brothers and sisters Grace Young 1538 baptism John Young had a child 1560/1568 Job Young wed or dead 1569 Could be son of Richard Young to check for birth death and family, A William and Ann Young Children at this time.Elizabeth1678 who wed 1699Edward Lord/Mary 1679-1679/William1680Child Eliza1698/John1684/Mary1686/Dau1691


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